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Blephagel Eyelid Cleansing Gel 30g

Blephagel Eyelid Cleansing Gel 30g

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  • Blephagel preservative-free gel cools, cleans and soothes inflamed eyelids and is hypoallergenic
  • The simple formula offers a cooling sensation for inflamed eyelids whilst gently removing mucous and debris
  • Blephagel cools, cleans, refreshes and soothes eyelids. It is free from preservatives, alcohol(ethanol) and perfumes and so is suitable for most patients including those with sensitive skin
  • Innovative Steri-Free® technology means that Blephagel remains sterile for up to 2 months after opening. The inner aluminium layer ensures the tube remains airtight and a hermetic membrane protects against bacterial contamination.
  • Blephagel can be applied morning and evening, or as often as is deemed necessary; it can also be left on overnight and wiped off in the morning.

    A calibrated dose is pumped onto a cotton wool pad and half transferred to a second pad so there is a separate pad for each eye. The pads are then used to gently wipe the eyelid/lash root area of each eye in small circular motions. Leftover Blephagel should be removed with a clean pad.

    Blephagel can be used by all contact lens wearers.

    The gel remains sterile up to 2 months after opening.

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