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Lagad Retina 30 Day Supply - ONLY 1 BOX LEFT!!!

Lagad Retina 30 Day Supply - ONLY 1 BOX LEFT!!!

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  • Lagad Retina is designed to actively protect the retina against the effects of light and aging. The formula was developed based on recent work by ophthalmologists and nutritionists who specialise in research on the retina.
  • Key ingredients in Lagad Retina are lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and omega 3 all shown to be potentially beneficial to eye health.

Key ingredients:

The recommended daily dose of Lagad Retina provides:

Lutein 6mg
Zeaxanthin 2mg
Astaxanthin 2mg
Vitamin C 40mg
Vitamin E 12mg
Zinc 10mg
Omega 3 providing
[17mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and
120mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)]

Full ingredients:

Fish oil rich in PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids Omega 3, fish gelatine, glycerol (moistener), ascorbic acid, Heamatococcus Pluvialis extract containing 5% astaxanthin, microencapsulated Zinc Sulphate, Tagetes Erecta (Marigold) extract containing 35% lutein esters and 1% zeaxanthin in vegetal oil, dl-alpha-tocopheryl (Natural Vitamin E), water, Tagetes Erecta (Marigold) extract containing 20% zeaxanthin, glyceryl mono and di stearate (thickener), colloidal silica (thickener) Iron oxide (colorant).

*All ingredients are correct to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to change. If you have specific allergy needs please contact us AND check the packaging before use.


Dosage: 1 a Day


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